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  • Cliff Newman (Padstow Heights) , 09/26/2022


    Excellent service & very prompt with answering questions ,1 week for delivery from Japan to Sydney ,very good.
    Thank you

  • David (KUCHING) , 09/25/2022


    Bad experiece in my case.Lost MYR310.35 (USD 67.78 approximate) in 3 dealings with IMPEX.

    1st Experience :
    Placed an order of several items for Suzuki RG125F parts.Credit card was charged an amount of MYR1,910.48 on the 9th July 2022.
    After several days,a notification was given to me that ALL the parts which I have placed for in the order are NO MORE IN PRODUCTION or SOLD OUT and IMPOSSIBLE TO SOURCE anymore.
    A refund was made on the 14th July 2022 amounting to only MYR1,719.28. I got a MYR191.20 amount short due to the exchage rate in credit card charges.Fine,I accepted my fate.

    2nd Experience :
    I placed an order for another new list of 14 parts in my order on the 9th September 2022 amounting to MYR850.00.(USD185.65 approximate).Prior to ordering,I copied all the 14 items in my shopping card and send a message to IMPEX to see if they can check for the parts availibility 1st prior for me to place an order to prevent the same scenario from my 1st experience from happening.A reply from them was they can only check for the stock availibility only if an order was placed and they cannot check for me prior to this. So after placing an order, only 4 out of the 14 parts which I have ordered was available.The parts cost was less than USD20 and the shipping cost was USD13 plus.I then requested for the order to be cancelled or to be combined shipping with my 3rd order list which amounting to MYR1330.87 (USD 290.68 approximate) in order to reduce the shipping cost but the request was denied.

    3rd Experience :
    I placed my 3rd order of additional Suzuki RF125F parts on the 12th September 2022 for an amount of MYR1,330.87(USD 290.68 approximate). After receiving the notification from IMPEX pertaining to my 2nd order where only 4 out of the 14 parts which I have ordered was available and they are unable to combine the shipping cost to be placed together with my 3rd order, I decided to cancel my 3rd order.After many messages exchaged with IMPEX, I eventually managed to get a cancellation for the 3rd order and only MYR1,211.72 (USD264.65 approximate)was refunded to me on the 21st September 2022.

    So you see, this is a short change for customers.Impex should not charge the full amout to the buyer's credit card 1st prior to ensuring that all the parts requested by the customer are available.In that way,the customer does not inccur losses for credit card exchange rates and also shipping cost.

    Imagine,parts ordered amouting to several hundred USD but only items worth less than USD20 are available and at the end of the day,the buyer will have to absorb the losses due to the credit card exchange rate.And the shipping cost can actually be more than the cost of the goods.Based on my 2nd experience.

    I am not sure if this is the right way to do business but I strongly believe that there is a short change here in the customer's point of view.

    Impex should actually take this review seriously in order to improve your services.

    The plus points : IMPEX does refund and IMPEX delivery services is FAST.

    Thank you.

    IMPEX JAPAN, 09/25/2022

    Thank you for your orders. We update our stock and prices as soon as it avauluable from suplyers. But the MOST of spesification is updated and we have a lot of orders from customers now,

  • Eugene Ng (Miri) , 09/24/2022


    Excellent level of service. Parts were factory originals and well worth the wait. Very highly recommended supplier of original Kawasaki parts. Definitely the Go-to website for me! Thank you so much Impex! Keep up the great job!

    IMPEX JAPAN, 09/25/2022

    Thank you !



    Thank You IMPEX JAPAN!
    I just received my order it was quick and wonderful service.
    100% original from KAWASAKI OEM.Though it was bit delay due to out of stock but worth waiting and finally I got my original part .

    Thank you and see u in next oder.



    Hi everybody. First of all I would like to thank you . Its the very first time that I ordered from IMPEX Japan. I am fully satisfied. I ordered on the 28th of August, one week later on the 5th of September I paid for my EMS shipment and to my surprise 10 days my order was already in Mauritius. The parts are genuine Toyota. I look forward to place other orders soon.
    A big thank to the whole team.
    Thank you and have a great time.

  • ori givon (Omer) , 09/17/2022


    Thenks ,its perfect
    And you are very professional

  • Shaheryar Khan (Islamabad) , 09/13/2022


    Thank You IMPEX!
    I just received my order it was quick and wonderful service Which I’ve experienced with you guys,
    Though ! I was bit worried before ordering but finally I got my original part , Yes it is 100% original from Suzuki OEM.

    Well Done

  • Brendan Bridge (Port Macquarie) , 09/12/2022


    Original 2013 Yamaha parts ordered. Paid. Shipping Package created and Shipping Paid.

    Package arrived in 7 days to Australia via DHL.

    Well done Impex certainly will be ordering again. I cannot understand the negative feedback elsewhere.

    Yes the there is a process to follow and if it is followed the goods are received.

    Maybe the other buyers should get to understand the process before ordering and complaining about it

    Again we’ll done Impex

  • Gérard STURNY (SELESTAT) , 09/09/2022


    You should not sell items you can't get anymore. It's a waste of time for you and for me ! Please refund ASAP.

    IMPEX JAPAN, 09/09/2022

    We are sorry that this was your experience! This is not the kind of service that we pride ourselves and we definitely would like to further review this issues. Please share your issue at messaging along with more information. Looking forward to hearing from you

  • jason salguero marchena (costarica) , 09/05/2022


    hola soy de costarica , es buen servicio excelente todas mis compras me han llegado completas , los felicito gracias......

  • George Cheng (Kaohsiung) , 08/30/2022



    Shipping smooth and fast. Highly recommended.

  • Mamdouh Khairallah (Medina-AL Munawwarah 2615-6518) , 08/24/2022


    Hello all
    I dealt with them, they are trustworthy, excellent dealings, there are some delays, but their dealings are excellent. I recommend dealing with them

  • Jun Mar Nacua (Malaybalay City) , 08/20/2022


    Thank you Impex for the genuine parts. Will definitely order again.

  • Bernard Dennis Chu (Pateros) , 08/17/2022


    I ordered and It came thru but I cant seem to get ahold of any person to contact. How can I contact you guys directly. Some parts of my order got canceled. Could I order separately but deliver them at the same time to save delivery cost? Will change the review once I get feedback

    IMPEX JAPAN, 08/18/2022

    Please open your own account, there is the mailbox, open it and create a new message for any department you want to talk. Thank you.

  • Nguyễn Tiến Quyết (Bắc Ninh) , 08/12/2022


    I want to get back the paid amount of the shipment that is not in stock

    IMPEX JAPAN, 08/13/2022

    We will refund you after our summer vocation,sorry.

  • Kong Seng Ann (Singapore) , 08/10/2022


    Bought parts from Impex Japan several times now. Very fast delivery. Correct items and well packed. Highly recommended.

    Just one question. Is it possible to ship gas filled items like shock absorbers? I read on your website that you cannot ship such items using EMS, but what about using other carriers?


    IMPEX JAPAN, 08/10/2022

    We have sent such items sometimes by Fedex. But we can not garanty, it will be OK next time...

  • Adir Sabag (Beer Sheva) , 08/08/2022


    Always having a great experience ordering parts from you, keep up with the good work!

  • abdhullaah haadhi (male' city) , 08/06/2022


    The item i recieved is perfect.
    Impax there is problem to recieve a refund, it takes toomuch time.

    IMPEX JAPAN, 08/08/2022

    Usually we refund the same or next working day after the client have asked.

  • Andrew Humphrey (Bundaberg) , 08/04/2022


    This site sucks balls. All I wanted was 8 bolts for my bike thought I'd buy them to see how the site works and it has been a nightmare. 8 bolts was going to cost me $108 to get them to Australia. No thanks. Also they wanted to charge me 600 for storage at the warehouse. Ridiculous service. Id give them no starts if I could.

    IMPEX JAPAN, 08/04/2022

    1 You should check shipping cost by yourself before you order.
    2 You should read all information on the site like "how to order", "shipping" etc.
    3 You chose the most expensive shipping way and, unfortunately, don't want to listen me, when I advise you to change it

  • Zac R (USA) , 08/01/2022


    Ordered parts. 3 months later still have not arrived. They started charging me 'storage fees'. Yup. Will never order here again. Trying to get a refund. Doubtful....

    IMPEX JAPAN, 08/02/2022

    Your parts in stock from 5th of April. You must create a package for it will be shipped. Please read instruction
    After your order (orders) delivered to our warehouse, you can make shipment instructions.

    Choose an item you want to ship from the “List of available items”→ write down addressee`s information → correct the declare price if necessary → “Make a shipment” → and finally pay for the shipment using one of available payment methods.

    After you have paid for the shipment, the item`s status changes to “Ready for shipment”.