Impex Japan Co., Ltd. has been a worldwide supplier of spare parts since the company`s establishment in 2002. Now we are among the leading exporters of Japanese products. We supply genuine OEM parts, as well as high quality aftermarket parts, and used spare parts from local Japanese market, all over the world.

Genuine OEM parts & Automarket parts

We supply genuine OEM parts made for Japanese domestic market. As a rule, these parts are produced at the manufacturer`s factories located in Japan.

Some items, especially consumable spare parts, may be produced at a manufacturer`s facilities abroad; in such case, the part label contains information on the actual place of origin. Those parts are made for use within Japan, so you can be sure they meet strict Japanese quality standards.

You can order OEM parts for various vehicles produced in Japan, such as cars, construction equipment, motorcycles and watercrafts, power generators, etc. You can search for required parts online by OEM part numbers using our database for the following manufacturers: TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, MAZDA, HONDA, ISUZU, DAIHATSU, SUBARU, SUZUKI, HINO, NISSAN DIESEL, MITSUBISHI FUSO, HONDA MOTO, SUZUKI MOTO, KAWASAKI, YAMAHA.

Also, we provide high quality aftermarket spare parts produced under such brands as PITWORK, TACTI (DRIVE JOY), MIYACO, TOKICO, AKEBONO, KYB, NGK, NIPPON MICROFILTER, MITSUBOSHI and others, for Japanese domestic market.
Their consumables are well known in Japan and are widely used at local market.

OEM for required part can be also find in online spare parts catalogs.

Used Parts

We give our clients an opportunity to order used parts directly from a number of Japanese wholesale spare parts networks with millions of items placed for sale by sellers from all parts of Japan. The parts` database updates daily.

Direct ordering means you can buy an item at lower price and you can get it in shorter period.

Advantages of Japanese used spare part networks are as follows:

  • You can get true information on the item you intend to buy, such as actual mileage for engines / transmissions,
  • You can rely on the item`s condition description made by experts.