This section of the site contains reviews from our customers. Customers share their experience with the IMPEX JAPAN online store, comment on the work of Japanese office managers.

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  • Shahar avrahamov (Rishon le zion) , 04/11/2024


    Great prices and fast shipping.
    Good product.

  • Tsutsol Oleh Viktorovich (Wilmington) , 04/11/2024


    Good work. Thanks

  • Piotr Olak (Piaseczno) , 04/09/2024


    Jestem bardzo zadowolony z zakupów.
    Bardzo szybka przesyłka, świetnie zapakowana..

  • A&W bkk (Bangkok) , 03/31/2024


    Very Fast Shipping and very secure packaging.
    Thank you impex japan. Great job.



    BEST SITE , VERY good packing , fast int shipping , Thanks a lot .

  • Edson alferes (Manaus) , 03/29/2024


    Chegou tudo . Mas gostaria que o site trocasse a transportadora do Brasil ...pois e o correio e pra região amazônica e péssimo o serviço ....e em questão das peças achei diferente da original as duas válvulas de retenção,pois a que veio foi de plástico e a original e de metal

    IMPEX JAPAN, 03/29/2024

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Unfortunately, we have no choice, only EMS is possible from Japan to Brazil.
    As for material change- the makers often does this to make production easier and cheaper. If you want to clarify, please write a message

  • Don (Bangkok) , 03/26/2024


    The best site on this earth.

  • Oren Argaman (Nes Ziyonna) , 03/21/2024


    Best Toyota parts source ever!

  • Piotr (Warsaw) , 03/20/2024


    I will say that I am impressed by the availability of parts and contact. Fast shipping it was my first time and I think it won't be the last. I highly recommend it!!

  • Geoff Bridge (Pukekohe) , 03/18/2024


    Thanks to the team. Good quality parts and quite simple once the process is understood.

  • Rafi (Israel) , 03/17/2024


    genuine spare SUZUKI parts
    good packaging

    Fast shipping = 1 week shipping from japan to Israel(EMS)
    I recommend

  • ISIDRO DOMINGUEZ SANCHEZ (Mexico City) , 03/15/2024


    I am impressed with the service.
    Being at the other side of the world i was bit hesitating in ordering from Impex, but after 3 shipment received, i must say that i am please with all my purchases, all parts original.

  • CHEVALERIAS Guy (DOUARNENEZ) , 03/13/2024


    je suis très satisfait de ce site. Plusieurs commandes et aucun problème!

  • Ercan Yıldırım (Ankara) , 03/11/2024



  • Saad (Phoenix, USA) , 03/10/2024


    Awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • scgjtn (New Taipei City) , 03/10/2024


    I tried to repair my 26 year old YAMAHA motorcycle but some parts are no longer produced .
    But very lucky I can find it from IMPEX. This is my first time buying from this site and I am very satisfied. I definitely all future purchases will be from IMPEX if needed.

  • Peter J Barry (Falmouth, USA) , 03/07/2024


    I recommend you never do business with them.

    Horrible business model for the consumer; do not use.

    You must pay for an item immediately by putting money in their account; then they find out if they can get it for you. Three separate times, I have ordered items from $500-$1100 dollars and a day or two later they tell me it is out of production. My money has sat in their account while I waited for them to process 2 partial orders.

    Their customer service does not respond directly to specific questions; just rote responses.

    If they provide hard to locate items; I can accept the process and delays. But they do not, these are common items taking too long.

    IMPEX JAPAN, 03/08/2024

    You should read all information on the site before order
    Sometimes, the order may be suspended (order’s status changes to «Suspended») , due to the following reasons:

    VIN / frame / chassis No. required
    A maker requested this information to fulfill the order. You should provide this information to us.

    Possible delay in delivery
    A maker has no item you have ordered in stock at the moment, so the order processing period may take more time than usually. You have to choose either to agree and wait for the order, or to cancel it.

    Changes in item`s quantity
    A maker has not sufficient amount of item`s in stock to complete the order; you will have an option to buy fewer quantity.

    Changes of part number
    A maker has changed the part number for the item you ordered. Please note that initial number can be divided into some new numbers for the item`s components (i.e. in case of an assembly).

    Changes in item`s price
    We are making our best to keep our parts database up-to-date; although, changes in price of the item you have ordered due to a maker`s changes of price are still possible (quite rarely).

    If the order was suspended, you have two options: to agree with the changes (provide required information) or cancel the order, partly or in full. In case of cancellation, the payment will be deposit in your balance. You can use it for new orders or ask for refund.

    Detailed instruction on suspended order is available at the order page.

    In some cases, an order may be canceled for reasons beyond our responsibility (discontinued, out of production, etc.). In case of cancellation of the order, its cost is refunded to your account. Next, you can ask for refund.

  • Wyatt hussin (Singapore) , 02/24/2024


    Very satisfied with the service rendered from impex Japan. Items arrived in good condition. Shipping was reasonable and fast. Will definitely order more parts from Impex. Thumbs up!!

  • Kenneth Saumure (Calgary) , 02/14/2024


    I restore vintage bikes - mostly Yamaha. So difficult these days finding NOS/OEM parts and dealing with vendors who hoard parts and charge excessively for basic stuff. I was able to find hundreds of small NOS parts (mostly fasteners, grommets & collars) for my 1987 FZR1000 restoration at about half the price as any other competitor out there. The parts were shipped DHL Express for a very reasonable cost and went from Japan to Calgary in 4 days. Package was well handled and I got everything I needed. Will be ordering from IMPEX Japan again and will make it my go-to/first stop shop from now on.

  • AFIAN ZUHAIRI BIN MOHD ZULKIFLY (Sungai Petani) , 02/13/2024


    This is my first time using IMPEX JAPAN and it did not dissapoint abit. Im happy with how easy the process of payment when buying an item. The shipment almost took 2 weeks by EMS post and package was still intact and secure. I will definitely use this site again to buy my motorcycle parts. Thank you IMPEX JAPAN.