FedEx Shipping Rates become cheaper


We are pleased to announce that we have reduced the cost of shipping (up to 30%!) via FedEx (priority) for shipments with one piece, weight up to 2.5 kg and volume up to 15,000 cm³ for most countries.

In our calculator, the new shipping method is called FedEx Small and displayed if a price can be cheaper than standart. It is not necessary to select FedEx Small when making shipment instructions, our system will automatically select it, if available, when you select FedEx (priority).

Please note that the actual weight of the package, taking into account the packaging material and the dimensions of the shipment, become known only after packaging by managers.

These changes will be useful for buyers of small sets of spare parts that satisfy the specified restrictions. For example: spare parts for motorcycles, outboard motors, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercrafts, small-sized cars components (manufacturers Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru and many others).

We hope our innovations will have a positive impact on your choice of our Japanese spare parts online store as a stable and profitable supplier.

Examples (used rates as of April 29, 2023) of shipping cost for spare parts from Japanese:

  1. New Zealand, weight 2.5 kg., sizes 29×26×20 (cm):
    • FedEx (priority): JP¥10,056,
    • FedEx Small: JP¥7,673.
  2. United States, weight 0.8 kg., sizes 30×30×17 (cm):
    • FedEx (priority): JP¥4,129,
    • FedEx Small: JP¥3,179.
  3. Germany, weight 0.95 kg., sizes 25×25×22 (cm):
    • FedEx (priority): JP¥4,006,
    • FedEx Small: JP¥2,654.
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