EMS shipping cost change

According to Japan Post announcement, Express Mail Service (EMS) shipping rates are subject to change starting from June 1st, 2016, as follows.

  1. Rate for parcels which weight is up to 300 g will no longer be used. Instead, the «Up to 500 g» rate will be applied as the lowest possible rate.
  2. The shipment cost will increase as follows, depending on the destination area:
    • Asia: to ¥ 300
    • Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America: to ¥ 500
    • Europe: ¥ 400
    • South America and Africa: ¥ 300

New rates will be applied starting from May 31, 2016, at 9.00a.m. Japanese local time.

Please note that in case a parcel was paid for before the aforesaid deadline, it will be shipped according to former EMS rates, except for parcels which weight, and shipping rate accordingly, will increase after packing, so their shipment was suspended. To avoid shipping rate correction, we would recommend you to amount available on your balance. In case a parcel has been duly paid for before June 1, 2016, but the which shipment was delayed due to indebtedness, new shipping rates will be applied.